About us

TCA for a better society country world


A transformed, inclusive, resilient, and peaceful world where every person’s rights are respected, and their well-being is assured.


Making immediate and long-lasting positive changes in the lives of every child, young, and adult people within communities.

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  1. Support the agents of change and their local initiatives in their respective communities and contribute to the achievement of SDGs in Burundi.
  2. Improve the socio-economic, health, cultural and mental conditions of the most excluded communities, minority groups, women and girls, and people with disabilities.
  3. Promote quality and inclusive education for every child, and Media and Information Literacy within communities.
  4. Promote Community and Economic Development within communities.
  5. Advocate for social justice and, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, peacebuilding, and good governance.
  6. Contribute to the preservation of the environment and combat climate change.


We believe that a society inspired by these values leads to human flourishing, prosperity, and happiness.