TCA newsletter July 1st, 2024

Bridges are being formed. Connections are being made. People are sharing hope, 100%.

As we promised in the last newsletter, 100 children are being nurtured, provided for, and educated. The youngest is 7 years old. The oldest is 16, and they are all pursuing primary and secondary education wholeheartedly.

At Tabitha community in action, we know that empowerment begins at home and that performance reflects home life and a favorable environment. Economic empowerment programs only go so far in helping people get to where they want to be. Inhibitors such as trauma, verbal and physical abuse, poor communication skills, and family matters can get in the way of achievement for many people.

Yet, a community center is still to be accomplished. Pray that we can find more business partners and local builders who can contribute to the project. Although we already have mentors, mobile partners, and volunteers who offer counseling sessions to the kids and their families, we know that a healthy, educational environment would be ideal.

In the meantime, our team has been taking excellent care of these 100 kids so that they can give school their undivided attention and forget about dropping out. They no longer have reasons to drop out because their emotional, educational, and practical needs are being met.

Getting out of survival mode can mean different things to different people. For some, that means more meals are needed. For others, it’s tutoring. For others, it could be counseling. Some kids simply need to watch other kids thrive to be inspired to act. Every multi-faceted problem deserves a multifaceted approach.

Readers, we invite you to pray, give, brainstorm, and make plans to visit so that you can see it for yourself. Next year, there may be organized groups going together, but visitors are welcome anytime. If that interests you, please reach out to _ for more information. Jimmy Ndihokubwayo, our President and Executive Director would be honored to speak with you.

Mikky Williams, Outreach Coordinator