Ubuntu mu bantu
Tabitha Community in Action
Ubuntu mu bantu
Build for the homless
Ubuntu mu bantu
Invest in youth
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Our Story

TCA for a better society country world

The idea of founding Tabitha Community in Action was motivated by the vulnerable situation in which its founder, Ndihokubwayo Jimmy, lived. Living with a physical disability, he lost his father in 2010, and this aggravated his vulnerable situation when he was only 17 years old. He faced hard moments while pursuing his studies and providing for his family. Instead of surrendering or indulging in begging, he approached other young people to contribute to strengthening and implementing the spirit of compassion and civic engagement in the community by initiating humanitarian activities for the underprivileged communities in Burundi. Tabitha Community in Action was legally registered on August 19, 2014, as a nonprofit organization under Ministerial Order NO: 530/1432 of August 19, 2014.   Tabitha Community in Action is recognized by the Ministry of Home Affairs in Burundi.


A transformed, inclusive, resilient, and peaceful world where every person’s rights are respected, and their well-being is assured.


Making immediate and long-lasting positive changes in the lives of every child, young, and adult people within communities.

Providing a roof
to every family

Vulnerable families provide land
and we build for them.

Gifts of impact

Youth empowerment

With 100$, you help us offer a capacity building training to a youth cooperative and help them access to opportunities.


Women empowerment

  1. With 1000$, you provide a full micro-grant to support a community project developed and led by one of the Women Solidarity Groups.
  2. With 300$, you provide a full micro-grant to support a community project developed and led by one of families living in the vulnerable communities we serve

$1000 or 300$

Feeding program

By giving only 25$ monthly, you help us to feed a child from vurnelable communities.



  1. With only 90$ a year, you provide school material and their basic needs( clothes, shoes, etc)  for one Orphan and Vulnerable Child from a vulnerable family.
  2. With 380$, you help us to pay a one year tuition and basic needs for a young person from a vulnerable community to pursue their university education.

$90 or $380


Impact Stories

Welcome to the world of impact stories! These stories are powerful, highlights the transformative journeys of individuals and communities striving to make a positive difference in the world. You’ll discover how ordinary people created extraordinary change, igniting hope, and inspiring others to take action.

Join us

 Recognizing that there is strength in numbers, Tabitha Community in Action welcomes sponsors from other organizations. If you are a legal or physical entity and you want to join our cause, you can provide us with financial, material, or technical support. Your contribution is of paramount importance to the success of our programs.

Tabitha Community in Action has members, sponsors of several vulnerable children, volunteers in the community, and anyone who values Ubuntu. To sponsor a child or contribute to this program, write to us.

Your donation matters greatly and is very vital to our organization. Your donation of any size will improve the life of a vulnerable person. A small gesture on your part will not make you poor but will ease the pain of a poor person.You can make a one-time donation or a regular donation.

A one-time donation is given once the donor decides to do so. The donor sets the amount of his choice. He can direct his contribution to a specific TCA action.

A regular donation will help us cover regular expenses, better help our beneficiaries, and plan our actions well.

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